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why no recent postings?
Started by flowerpowerful
Posted: April 20, 2013 at 13:47
the last posting I saw was for Feb 2013, a few from 2012, but most around
2009. I have learned that rocker bottom shoes were the rage & now all
these people have had serious probs from them & suing & stores no longer
carrying. Then, Sketchers (getting sued), has done a huge ad campaign &
taken over the market, I guess? I tried some Sketchers Shapeups (their
"rockers") on & feel in love-no cushion shoe EVER, but I hear all this bad
stuff & those are only rockers still in biz now? Saw a YouTube comparing
MBT/Sketchers to Ryn-they said the different is "unstable" vs "stable"
(Ryn).Diff is Ryn only rocks forward & back & prevents side to side with
more stability vs the other 2 roll you all around & have to make your body
do much much more. I am torn about this. I did talk to Ryn US distributer,
who said if I give my foot(custom orthotic-new ones) measurement to the
nearest 16th inch he would search the US for ones that fit of the type I want
if they are out there. I asked & he said they have enough stock in their
warehouse for roughly a yr. before run out-they are out of biz too.I have
tons of foot probs-barely walked last 10 yrs, new podiatrist(taught at pod.
school-great!) got me walking painful, now wants me to get Sketchers
Shapeups, MBT's, other rockers no longer made, did not mention Ryn, but
seems he would approve--so I think I might get some Ryn's & if good after
months buy a lot more to last yrs?! then what?? I might get REgular-non
Shapeup (rocker) Sketchers first b/c they are cheap-break in my newest
custom orthotics & after a month get some Ryn's ---anyone out there who
could add (or subtract) the info I have so far?! Anyone out there in 2013?!
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