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Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Started by Sydneysider
Posted: April 7, 2013 at 08:30
We've just returned from the MBT shop in north Sydney. Very few items for sale, even though we've been told in the past that a close relative of the man who invented MBT shoes owns the shop in question and is the importer of MBT shoes into Australia

We left empty-handed and disappointed. We've bought a dozen or more pairs of MBTs there in the past. Shop was busy so we didn't get the opportunity to ask if MBTs are still being produced. However, there were no new designs and few items for sale

MBT were in the news in mid 2012 as having declared bankruptcy. And there's been no news since of anyone taking over production

Which brings me to the next question: who is producing the newer styles we see for sale on Ebay ? The sellers are in Italy, US and UK. Should we suspect fake MBTs are now being produced (in China and other SE Asian factories) and being sold online as the genuine article?

If they're clever enough to make fake MBTs, it wouldn't be difficult for them to also make fake boxes and labels

It's time MBT came out and put the record straight, imo. They charged over $300 for many styles, with other styles almost as expensive. People grew to rely upon them and paid that money, only to be left high and dry and very possibly at the mercy of fake producers

Aside from the expense, postage, insurance and risk involved in buying MBTs from overseas, there's also the physical danger posed by fake MBTs

MBT claim 'knock off' brands and outright fakes were responsible for their bankruptcy. But they could have implemented use of a unique serial number, which would have made clear which were genuine MBTs, i.e. each pair of genuine MBT shoes could have had a serial number which could have been stamped and signed by official MBT retailers upon purchase

I'm disappointed with MBT for not keeping loyal clients updated on the situation since declaration of their bankruptcy. They just dropped off the earth. NO advice, nothing at all. Disappointed too that production was moved out of Korea, yet there was no reduction in price. Disappointed MBT didn't do anything to safeguard people from the fakes (such as failure to issue serial numbers and guarantee the genuineness of their product). And disappointed they allowed the Australian licensee to offer such a limited range when other nations, particularly in Europe, had numerous lovely styles that were NEVER for sale in Australia. They should have had a more committed and involved Aussie licensee

Guess I'm going to have to try to locate and purchase genuine Ryns now, to replace the MBTs upon which I rely - although I'm not sure how much longer Ryn will be in production either, as they don't seem to be coming up with any new styles. And once again I'll have to try to buy them overseas as Ryns don't seem to be available in Australia

Rocker shoes aren't a 'trend' or quick weight-loss solution for many. Many NEED rockers for mobility and pain relief. Manufacturers make their money, make promises then vanish

Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #1 by SID BRAVMANN
Posted: April 14, 2013 at 04:23
Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #2 by Carol
Posted: May 8, 2013 at 22:19
I am in Cologne, Germany on holiday and walked by an MBT store today. It appeared to
be fully stocked.
Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #3 by Carol
Posted: May 8, 2013 at 22:32
Go to: au.mbt.com
Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #4 by Hardly any MBT in U.S.A.
Posted: May 17, 2013 at 13:51
The MBT shoes that I come across in shoe stores are all on clearance prices, from 1/3 to 1/2 off the original price. Not so many styles available. I bought a few pair of MBT tie shoes from The Walking Company for $75, but Footwear also has the MBT shoes on sale, only some sizes, and the prices are not as low but are still sale prices.

I also do not understand why once the MBT company declared bankruptcy they do not go back into business. Almost everyone who has tried these shoes loves them, and I really miss them because I need them badly for my feet.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Can anyone at all answer the question of why MBT does not go back into business? They were sold in so many countries, I cannot imagine why they would not, or even did not, do very well monetarily.
Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #5 by Calamity
Posted: September 8, 2013 at 05:05
I used to manage a store in Seattle which number one or two in sales went from
MBT to Keen and back. It definitely felt like the floor dropped out from under us
when the news came that MBT was going belly up. For a while we thought it was
just the European interest that was going out of busisness. That did not bode well
for the American side of business as since the brand was actually much more
popular in Europe than stateside. Then we lost contact with our rep. Within a
couple of weeks MBT was liquidating stock at very low prices. I was shopping at
Walking Co. Because I am aware that they bought much of the remaining stock in
bulk. If you want legitimate MBTs that is the main place I would go at this point.
Also, I am inclined to agree that the knockoff brands hurt MBT. While the bottom
of MBT has the Masai sensor which is constructed to provide torsion control, the
knockoffs were deconstructed. One provides a legitamate full rocker bottom and
the other is like walking on a Mini Nerf football.
On the upside I certainly hope that re-soling will continue through Re-sole
America as this company was not related in any way to MBT! I have heard that
after re-soling a few times the top leather gets too soft (if you have leather) . This
makes sense to me. You can get many new tires for your car but eventually you
will need a new car!
Hopefully MBTs will come back someday, Earth shoes did and so did Hostess!
Re: Guess MBT Are No Longer Being Produced
Reply #6 by disgruntled
Posted: September 16, 2013 at 05:06
I am so upset that BT has gone under. Their last release of shoes stopped fitting me and
i consider myself to have typical feet, so I used to be a huge supporter of them and the
last year I bought one pair and had to add my own shoe inserts (thinner) in them. They
didn't have enough height room in the shoe. I got hooked on Ryn shoes which I believe
to be better, if they got wet it wouldn't affect the sensor etc. and they had room and
were comfortable. Well thanks to MBT going bankrupt and the shoes being sold for like
50% off, Rynis no longer producing shoes either due to the fact that they were losing
money trying to compete with liquidated MBTs. Now I guess I can't buy rocker soled
shoes anymore because none makes them! I'm so angry!
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