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MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Started by Rob
Posted: February 17, 2007 at 10:02
I saw a member of my surgeons team yesterday after having my latest x-ray on my recently fused ankle. He mentioned that having a rocker fitted to my shoes might help allow my walking to be more smoother. He also told me about MBT Shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology) that may do the trick too, having the rocker idea built into fashionable shoes. They are usually used for muscle toning. They are not cheap at about 129 pounds but if they make a difference then it could be money well spent. Found a shop yesterday but they were moving location!

Hope to try some out soon and will report back here now I get on.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #1 by Rob
Posted: February 17, 2007 at 10:08

some more info...

"MBT shoes can change the way most of us use our muscles as well as reduce shock forces to the entire skeletal system. Masai Barefoot Technology makes all surfaces like walking in sand. Unlike most conventional training shoes that only support and cushion your feet, the unique lever spring action of MBT's challenge the core strengthening muscles to be more active. This creates good posture and increases shock absorption for all the joints."
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #2 by dave chapman
Posted: February 17, 2007 at 15:03
they look great rob .. can you get them custom made ?? as im always going to be almost 2 inches short on my right leg i will have to have my shoes built up ..i can see by the demo on the website how they will be a huge help to you with your fused ankle with the rocker motion. unless i plan to walk with one leg in the gutter and one on the pavment lol i will have to get all my footware built up. shame about my dr martins i love them but i dont think i can get them done being airware.

Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #3 by Rob
Posted: February 24, 2007 at 10:06
got to the MBT shoe shop in Coventry yesterday and tried on some of these shoes, tried the sports trainer and wow what a difference it made! I was able to walk much smoother and more balanced of both feet. Fantastic. Can only wear them in slowly so will see how they progress over the next few weeks.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #4 by Rob
Posted: February 24, 2007 at 19:24
Dave, you have to have your foot measured before you can be sold a pair of MBT footwear. The guy in the Coventry store measured mine. They come in size changes of small increments as its important to have the correct size for them to work properly.

Here is a link to the store in Coventry:


They have a walking group too


Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #5 by Mary Ellen
Posted: November 11, 2007 at 06:36
Enjoyed reading your comments on the MBT footwear. I just purchased a pair of the sandals and have been walking a wee bit daily. I've noticed an immediate improvement in my posture and i'm hoping to strengthen my legs. After wearing high heels for way too long I'm afraid I've loosened the muscles holding my right knee cap. It seems loose every other day. I'm doing knee exercises and leg lifts in between to keep it tightened up otherwise the shoes seem to be helping alot! How are you doing with yours now that you've had them awhile? Thanks....USA
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #6 by Rob
Posted: November 16, 2007 at 03:26
I couldn't live without my MBTs now. They allow me walk much more normally with good posture.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #7 by Robert
Posted: January 28, 2008 at 15:26
Another shoe to consider is the Z-Coil. The shoe has a coil spring under the heal and a rocker bottom. Springs come in four strenths. The Z-coil spring absorbs and stores all ground impact and gently returns it to your body as you move forward. The Z-Coil shoes have a rigid orthotic that can be modified some to fit your feet.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #8 by Barbara Caswell
Posted: February 23, 2008 at 17:56
I loved my MBTs at first, as they rocked enough to keep pressure off my feet. However, after only 18 months or so the foam completely crumbled, and I see from looking on the internet that I'm not alone in losing a pile of money for shoes that were manufactured to be kept in a glass case. They come with a disclaimer that says they can't be worn in the wet. What kind of shoes have foam that melts when exposed to the outdoors?! They are comfortable, but alas, they are not a good buy.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #9 by Lisa
Posted: March 27, 2008 at 23:23
Hi All

I would like to reply to 2 of the points above. Regarding the leg length discrepancy MBTs can indeed be customised and this is done by longstanding experts in surgical shoes, Bolton Bros Ltd. See http://www.bolton-bros.co.uk. They are real experts in their field, and are also now experts in MBTs. They will customise MBTs to your exact requirements.

With regards to the comments regarding crumbling, they can get wet, they just simply have to be cleaned and allow to fully dry. It is simply a case of following the care instructions. MBT are really proud of their repair service which again is offered by Bolton Bros Ltd.

There are not many shoes of that sort that can be resoled, which includes replacing the Masai (heel) Sensor. At a cost of only 38 it is cheaper than buying a new pair and well worth it.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #10 by Abdullah Alrumaithi
Posted: April 21, 2008 at 16:47
hi dear
iam Abdullah Alrumaithi from Unaited Arab Emarits -AbuDhabi i want ask you if you have any shop or delar in UAE
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #11 by Caroline Harris
Posted: May 11, 2008 at 05:16
I also have had problems with these shoes - the soles completely fell apart after only 4 months wear but because I have had them more than 1 year they are no longer "guaranteed" - good shoes - I love wearing them - but will not buy any more.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #12 by Jackie
Posted: May 15, 2008 at 02:44
What I've heard is that people who did the resole got very poor quality materials that wear & tear quickly... so I will not do this either and stick with my original mbts!

See this post from another topic:

Last year our personal friend and inventor of the MBT, Karl Mueller, departed from his MBT kingdom in order to pursue other inventions and creations. At first we felt that this would not at all have an impact on the MBT product, which seemed to be at such a high quality and outstanding level. Nor did we feel it would impact the company's business units as Karl had partnered his brand with many excellent people worldwide.

On the business side we were wrong: immediately MBT's US subsidiary in Idaho (our direct business partner for the brand) was completely reorganized and new managers were hired, most of whom had made their previous careers in the low end and discount shoe businesses.

Their first move was to completely change the MBT product line: out with the old and in with the new. And as a consequence at the end of 2007 we ran an amazing sale on the dropped MBTs.

Even more significantly, on the product side we were unfortunately also wrong: having recommended, fitted and sold over 5,000 pairs of the entire MBT product line since 2004 from both our brick & mortar and our online virtual stores, it quickly became apparent to ourselves and to our customers that most of the MBTs produced after Karl's departure were not even close to what we had become accustom to...

In particular, starting in November 2007 we began receiving a plethora of complaints from customers that their MBTs were wearing out -- of the outsoles and collapsing Masai sensors -- already after only three weeks of usage (attached is a picture study of the outsole of the MBT Sport comparing the older and the newer product executions).

Since then we have also wear-tested many of the new Spring 2008 MBTs and, also unfortunately, the results have been extremely poor: POOR FIT, COLLAPSING MASAI SENSOR, PREMATURE & COMPLETE OUTSOLE WEAR, LACK OF STABILITY, EXTREMELY HEAVY... And as a result somewhat reluctantly, we have now decided to no longer sell the MBT in our store until (hopefully) the former quality of this once-great-product has one day been completely restored.

Just as we had been so enthusiastic in communicating and promoting the MBT brand when it was in its prime, we hope you understand our decision that we can not support any of our former efforts, convictions and recommendations based on the poor product quality issues present in almost all of the current MBT products. Quite frankly, there is no way we could recommend & sell the MBT in its current execution FOR OVER US$ 200!!! and expect our customers at all to continue to take our advice and recommendation seriously.

To conclude, it appears that even more significantly than driving the MBT creation and innovation, Karl Mueller, during his time at the company, was successful in maintaining the MBT shoe's high execution standard of quality production. With him no longer involved, we are convinced that the MBT is no longer what it once was... and that anyone who has been as involved with the MBT as closely, as thoroughly and as long as ourselves is similarly in complete agreement with our position.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #13 by Carolyn
Posted: May 16, 2008 at 12:27
I love my mbt shoes Ive been wearing them since April and have found I have more energy the pain in my back is now gone and I would not hesitate to buy a new pair when these wear out, they are pricey but nowadays people spend small fortunes on the latest trends in trainers without the the mbt benefits have fun and float on!
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #14 by Grace
Posted: May 21, 2008 at 16:06
I love my MBT shoes and sandals- great for walking though don't look the most elegant. my sandals and shoes need to be re-soled but it is so expensive- what is the best deal for re-soling that u have come across?
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #15 by Grace
Posted: May 21, 2008 at 16:10
I love my MBT shoes and sandals- great for walking though don't look the most elegant. my sandals and shoes need to be re-soled but it is so expensive- what is the best deal for re-soling that u have come across?
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #16 by Lisa
Posted: May 21, 2008 at 17:57
The MBTs are not repaired with poor quality materials at all. The email that starts "Last year our personal friend"... was written by: Feet First Fitness.
They have written it because they are no longer a stockist.
I personally don't agree with the content.

the best deal for resoling is to go through the correct procedure by sending them to Bolton Bros. See:

if you have only worn them for 4 months, MBT would offer you a free repair.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #17 by Brian
Posted: May 26, 2008 at 14:14
Lisa: From my own experience I unfortunately have to disagree with you 100%. I got a pair of MBT SPORT in early 2005 and wore them almost every day for three years and really treasured them. Amazingly, considering how much wear I gave them, they were in pretty decent condition. Anyway I went and got them resoled and now after two months they have worn down much more than in the three years with the original soles. Of course this is very upsetting, but at least I know the cause and will probably try Chung Shi for my next pair.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #18 by Handysam
Posted: July 2, 2008 at 06:37
MBT in the US does NOT respond to warrenty enquiries and has lousy customer service. I think those of us who have been burned when our expensive footwear falls apart in a few months shoulpd file a class action lawsuit against the company.
Re: MBT Shoes - Masai Barefoot Technology
Reply #19 by Donna
Posted: July 14, 2008 at 21:30
Can anyone assist me to determine the best shoe size?

I recently purchased (online) a pair of Kisumu sandals, size 39 (= size 6 US). They fit well and I love walking in them. I now want to buy the ladies' Shamba walking boots and the sport black unisex shoes. I read somewhere that it's advisable to go one size up with the shoes/boots. I downloaded the women's shoe sizing chart, and according to it I should be looking at MBT size 10 (=7 UK). To have more space for socks, I wonder if I should go up to 41 2/3 (= 7 1/2 UK). It seems every time I see a pair of the boots/shoes, a different sizing code is displayed. )-:

Unfortunately, there's no MBT stockist near me.

Does anyone here take size a 39 (=6) in sandals, but bought a different size for the shoes?

Thanks in advance for your help. (-:

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